Annual Letter 2023

Windsor Walk for Water 2023

Dear Friends of A Vision For Clean Water,

As 2023 came to a close, we reflected on our many endeavors and contributions towards enhancing clean water and sanitation. Our 2023 journey began with a robust start as board members and volunteers embarked on a trip to Cambodia to inspect latrines and handwashing stations constructed in collaboration with Southeast Asia Support (SEAS) and Banyan Tree Organizations. This
immersive experience provided us with insights into the history and adversities faced by the people of Cambodia. Through our support in funding the construction of latrines, handwashing stations, and water storage tanks at government schools, healthcare facilities, and individual households, we witnessed firsthand the tangible impact of our AVFCW community’s endeavors.

During our time in Cambodia, we also had the opportunity to distribute “Days For Girls” kits, which are reusable menstrual health kits provided to 230 schoolgirls. During the interactions, we were able to foster connections with the recipients, leaving us inspired to further collaborate with Days For Girls. Looking ahead, we aspire to volunteer at their kit sewing and assembly events in Plymouth and various locations across Michigan. Notably, AVFCW’s Eileen Heasley and SEAS’s Patti Lee are returning to Cambodia, anticipating the chance to share more stories of the remarkable individuals we encounter there.

Find out more about our accomplishments in 2023 by reading the rest of the 2023 Annual Letter, downloadable in PDF form here.

Thank you and Cheers to a healthy and abundant year ahead!

Nikki Beetsch

Nikki Beetsch
Executive Director
A Vision for Clean Water

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