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Dr. Lekha's Nepal Water Project

In mid-2017 the board of AVFCW decided to assist a trusted contact in Nepal with her clean water project in Makaisingh Gorkha District.

To that end, we wired $1,000 to her and asked for updates as to how things were coming along. We were happy to received one of those updates a few weeks back from our friend, Dr. Lekha, and her team:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You have given joy by providing safe drinking water this Christmas. We distributed the filters to 50 Chepang families and 5 for the school at Makaisingh Gorkha District yesterday. We have stopped overnight and at 6:00am today we will journey back to Kathmandu.

The filters were transported in one vehicle we in our jeep. Then we had to walk across the river over a swinging bridge while the filters were back carried by porters. Then another vehicle was hired for us and the goods to journey upto the school. The program went off smoothly.

We also provided toothpaste, toothbrushes, and biscuits to 120 school children. Sponsored by Karunamaya Foundation Nepal, the hot mid day meal is a welcome break for the children.

Thanks for your support.

Warm regards,
Lekha, Anand, Swesta, and Ashish

You can see photos of their work below. Stay tuned for more updates from Nepal!

Dr. Lekha's Nepal Project
Dr. Lekha's Nepal Project
Dr. Lekha's Nepal Project

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