Newsletter – Fall 2018

A student holds up a glass of dirty water, before we put it through the filter.

AVFCW newsletter time!

This issue of the AVFCW newsletter celebrates our 15 year anniversary. A Vision For Clean Water has spent the last decade and a half teaching water and sanitation project best practices to hundreds of people from around the world, while also lending a hand on the ground in far off locales such as Central America and Lebanon.

Started by Josh and Eileen Heasley in 2002, after their trip to Nepal, the road to AVFCW was a pretty direct one:

When they returned home they did a lot of research and found that Biosand water filters work without electricity and are easily produced and maintained in developing countries. After attending a training seminar the couple began setting up workshops to teach participants about Biosand and other appropriate filters.

We also welcome new board member, Nikki Beetsch. Happy to have your expertise, and looking forward to doing good together!

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