Water Workshop (4/23-26, 2020)

Water Filter Workshop 2020

This four day workshop provides attendees interested in clean water projects in developing countries with the knowledge they need to create an effective, sustainable program. This is the latest workshop from the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies (CAWST) and enables participants to select approaches that are appropriate for their context, as well as key resources to learn more about the different approaches.

Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (2 days)

This workshop has been designed for those interested in starting or strengthening Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) projects in developing countries and those working within water, sanitation, community development and/or health projects. It is also beneficial for those who are interested in learning about various water sources, contaminants and diseases. The workshop is directed towards decision makers, non-government organizations (NGOs), government agencies, community and individuals such as community leaders and educators who are working within communities to provide safe water.

Drinking Water Quality Testing (2 days)

Drinking water quality testing ensures individuals, families and communities are using safe drinking water. This workshop will provide knowledge and skills for participants to become familiar with different water quality test methods and understand the practicalities of implementing their own drinking water quality-testing project.

By end of these four days you will have gained the knowledge and skills to implement, monitor and evaluate household water treatment and safe storage and small community water supply system projects in developing countries and be familiar with different water quality test methods.

Location & Details

This workshop will take place from April 23-26, 2020 at the University of Guelph campus in Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada.

We encourage attendees to stay at the college to enrich their experience with shared meals and evening speakers. Because of the generosity of our donors, the cost is reduced and includes room and board. Class size is limited. We expect to fill up so please book early.

The cost for the full workshop, including three nights room and meals will be:

  • $600 USD / $800 CAD (full registration fee)
  • $400 USD / $535 CAD (students and volunteers)
  • $50 USD / $65 CAD for additional nights

Click the button below to register and pay online via PayPal or credit/debit card.

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Download/view the AVFCW flyer for this workshop here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can A Vision For Clean Water help to get a Canadian visa?

We can give you an invitation letter to accompany your visa application. We do not pay for visa fees. For more information, email visa@avisionforcleanwater.org.

2. Do we give scholarships?

We want to help. We have fundraisers to help reduce the cost of the workshop. Rotary District 6380 plus Rotary clubs in Chatham-Kent and Troy also help. CAWST have reduced their charges. We also give additional help to those paying high airfare costs, students or volunteers for water-related organizations. Please contact us if finances are a problem. We do not pay for airfare.

3. I’m driving from far away, what do I do? (A visa may be needed.)

Please let us know your arrival timing so we can prepare. Contact homestay@avisionforcleanwater.org for instructions. You are welcome to join the others in any of the activities listed below.

4. How do I reach Ridgetown, Ontario after I arrive at Toronto Airport
(YYZ)? (A Canadian visa may be needed.)

Please check with homestay@avisionforcleanwater.org before booking.

A. Rent a car: It is a 3-hour drive from Toronto Airport. Check-in after 6 PM on April 23th. No need for a car on campus. Get directions from homestay@avisionforcleanwater.org.

B. Fly or take a bus to London, Ontario. A Volunteer will pick you up between 8 AM and 9 PM in London. Check “Rome2Rio”.

C. Volunteer drivers will return you after the workshop leaving Sunday, April 26th after 5 PM or early April 27. Please feel free to leave on Monday. We cannot help if you leave the workshop on Sunday before 5 PM.

5. How do I get to the Ridgetown Campus from Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)? (US and Canadian visas may be needed.)

A. Rent a car: No need for a car on campus. It is a 2-hour drive plus border crossing. Get directions from homestay@avisionforcleanwater.org.

B. Bus: Take the Robert Q Shuttle bus to Chatham Ontario. It is a 2-hour ride plus border.

C. Volunteer drivers will meet you by arrangement between 9 AM and 10 PM on April 21 or 22 and return you to your bus station after the workshop leaving either Sunday, April 26th after 5 PM or early April 27.

6. Where do I stay overnight if I come early or stay an extra day?

A. Your room and meals are part of your registration Thursday April 23, 24th, 25th from 8:00 AM There is no meal Saturday evening (Pub Night) . Your room on the Ridgetown Campus is a dorm room with shared bath. You can get into your room on Wednesday April 22 after 6 PM. There is a $50 USD charge for this payable during the workshop.

B. For those who choose, Rotarians are offering their homes at no charge before or after the workshop. Everyone is invited. This includes those flying in from far off places and also those driving in from nearby. You can up to arrive 2 days early. Please arrive before 10 PM. Rotarians will deliver you to the workshop by 8 AM Thursday April 23. Contact homestay@avisionforcleanwater.org.

C. Local hotels are also available before or after the workshop for those wishing to pay.

D. We recommend that you arrive on Tuesday April 21 to get acclimated and be ready to take the Wednesday complementary tour (see #7).

7. Is there an opportunity to see local sights in Canada?

On Wednesday April 22, Rotarians are conducting a complementary tour of the nearby sights including stories about the Turbine Power, the newest crop Marijuana, the Underground Railroad and more and includes lunch complements of the Chatham-Kent Rotary Clubs. Leaves at 9 AM.

8. Are there evening activities?

A. Thursday April 23: Attendees share their water-related experiences.

B. Friday April 24: An experienced implementer talks about his water project.

C. Saturday April 25: Fun night at a local pub for dinner. Everyone pays their own bill.

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    An interesting subject
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    Great job AVFCW

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    I will there with the team.

    Our company needs to start this project of WASH ASAP.

    Let us meet on that day.

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    I am interested to attend workshop.

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