Latrine Workshop (4/26-28, 2019)

The AVFCW Team + Attendees

This 3 day workshop provides attendees interested in water and sanitation projects in developing countries with an overview of latrine program implementation. This is the latest workshop from the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies (CAWST) and enables participants to select approaches that are appropriate for their context as well as key resources to learn more about the different approaches.

The workshop brings together people active in implementing water and sanitation projects throughout the developing world, so participants learn from the experiences of their other participants in addition to the CAWST teachers.

This workshop will take place from April 26-28, 2019 at the Columbiere Center in Michigan.

There will also be an optional no-charge Think Tank session for those that can attend, the day of April 29th, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (including lunch). Please RSVP in advance if you can join us (you do not have to be a workshop participant to attend.) More details can be found here.

The cost for the full workshop, including 2 nights room and board + six meals will be:

  • $450 (full registration fee)
  • $250 (students and volunteers)

International Applicants: please be aware that although we can provide a letter attesting that you will be attending the workshop, we cannot provide assistance — monetary or otherwise — in attaining a U.S. visa, or in securing a flight to/from the U.S. You must do this on your own — please do not apply unless you think this will be possible for you to accomplish on your own.

UPDATE March 15, 2019: Registration is open to applicants once more.

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Download/view the AVFCW flyer for this workshop here. Download the official CAWST course description here.

Workshop Overview

While the sanitation sector moves to focus on fecal sludge management and the broader sanitation service chain, the latrine problem has not yet been solved. People still don’t have latrines (some don’t want them, while others don’t have them), and those that do have latrines may not use them properly or at all.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to increase adoption and use of latrine technologies at the household level. They will develop a plan for a comprehensive latrine program, including six key components:  creating demand, finances, products and services, monitoring, capacity development, and stakeholder engagement.

Each module will explore the theory and approaches implemented in the sanitation sector to achieve improved uptake and use of latrines. After covering the theory, participants will put this knowledge into practice by developing plans for their program or a case study. All sessions encourage participants to share their own experience and lessons learned.

This workshop provides an overview of latrine program implementation, allowing participants to select approaches that are appropriate for their context as well as key resources to learn more about the different approaches.  It is not intended to provide all methodologies and tools on how to implement a latrine program. It is also not a workshop on the design and construction of latrines.

Workshop Objective

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to develop a plan for a comprehensive latrine program, including creating demand, financing, supplying products and services, monitoring, developing capacity, and engaging stakeholders.

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  1. Mandela Nelson

    iam Mandela Nelson iam in Uganda at the refugee camp and I love the program how do you people help me here for the training

  2. Emerson

    To whom it may concern:
    I want to know what type topic will be on 2 days workshop? There is a hand on to design a bio-sand filter?
    Can I bring my wife with me?
    Any workshop in California?

    Thank you

    • AVFCW Admin

      Hello Emerson! The topic for this workshop is sanitation/latrines. You can bring whomever you wish, but to join they would need to pay the workshop fee as well. Our next scheduled bio-sand filter workshop will be next spring, 2020. All workshops are held in metro-Detroit, Michigan.

      • Pierre Petit Frere

        My participation in the Latrines implementation projects and the think tank about Water Safety Plans from AVFCW/CAWST open me many doors like increase my knowledge in water sanitation and hygiene WASH, extend my professional and friendly network. Very soon with Heart for the Nations and Potters for Peace we’ll build a ceramic filter factory in Haiti to providing more clean water. AVFCW is a big family present many where around the world.

  3. Abiul Manjur

    Hi, This Abul manjur. I am a Government employee of Bangladesh and working with Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) since 1997. It is a Government Department. How can I attend the the next traing programme?
    My email is :

    • AVFCW Admin

      Hello Abul,

      Our next program will most likely be in Spring 2020. Please stay tuned to this web page, and sign up for our newsletter (above) to stay informed as to upcoming workshops. Hope to see you there!

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