Newsletter – Summer 2021

Water Filter Workshop 2020

We hope you are enjoying the summer and staying safe, given the ongoing epidemic that seems to not be going anywhere anytime in the near future.

This newsletter covers a topic very important to us here at AVFCW—volunteering. More precisely, we are looking for volunteers to assist us with all we do. Are you a student or recent graduate interested in global water and sanitation issues? Are you interested in supporting projects aimed at reducing the global burden of disease associated with water quality or scarcity?

As a volunteer you need a passion for helping others, an interest in a specific project or a wish to volunteer on an ongoing basis, a variety of skills and experiences — such as education, marketing, communications, science, computers, grant preparation, meeting planning, project management, literature research, legal skills and many other things that will help us meet our goals.

You can contact us here if you’re interested in becoming apart of the team!

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Download your copy of this edition of the AVFCW newsletter in PDF form by clicking here.

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