Newsletter – Fall 2021

Our CAWST volunteer shows students the best way to prep the metal mold for concrete pouring.

Happy Halloween! We hope you are enjoying the fall weather and festivities, and are still staying safe and happy despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Our current newsletter provides an update on our partnership with the Navajo Nation regarding installing handwashing stations throughout their land. These hygienic upgrades will help to lessen the spread of Coronavirus and other transmissible diseases.

The Iyanbito Chapter (of the Navajo Nation) requested individual hand washing stations for the families in their community that lacked access to running water. They felt this would have the most significant impact for their community. AVFCW volunteers went to work to find the number of stations requested. The process of finding, shipping, assembling and initiating distribution of the hand washing stations took about ten days. In total, AVFCW provided the Iyanbito Chapter with hand washing stations and large containers of liquid hand soap for all forty households.

You can contact us here if you’re interested in becoming a part of the team!

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