Newsletter – Spring 2022

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The weather is slowly but surely warming up again, and we’re excited for the onset of spring!

This newsletter highlights an update to our Navajo Nation handwashing station hygiene project, as well as the education initiatives we are supporting in Guatemala.

Water is an extremely limited and precious resource in the dry environment of the Eastern Navajo Nation. Of course it is a constant concern for the approximately 30% of Navajo households who do not have running water in their homes and must rely on hauling water to meet their daily water needs for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. In some cases, individuals may have to travel 40 miles to a water collection point.

A Vision for Clean Water is providing a grant to the RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) project. This grant will assist in implementing remote computer learning in 50 schools in rural villages of Guatemala using a WiFi-based education information network. These communities are without access to the internet through traditional methods.

We also wish to express our sadness over the loss of a longtime AVFCW student, volunteer, and collaborator Tom Hunt, who passed away in December. You will be missed!

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