Newsletter – Summer 2022

Students inspect the finished concrete biosand water filter after taking it out of the mold.

We hope everyone has been staying cool during this sweltering summer!

The summer edition of the AVFCW newsletter highlights our core values and mission, as well as updating everyone on the changes in the relationship between AVFCW and CAWST—the Canadian organization we have been partnering with for years to assist in implementing our clean water and sanitation workshops every year.

CAWST is a globally well-known organization for Water and Sanitation and our training sessions were always very popular, bringing together implementers, academics, regulators and other government folks from different countries to learn and share. In the last year, CAWST has made a change to their training service model, no longer routinely offering direct training to students, deciding to instead focus on providing training materials to those that offer the training themselves, so CAWST is no longer available to us in the same way.

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