WASRAG Interview with Erica Gwynn

Erica Gwynn WASRAG Interview

The former chair of AVFCW (and current board member) Erica Gwynn was recently interview by WASRAG — Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (a volunteer organization made up of members of Rotary International). Erica spoke about “beginning with the end in mind”, in regards to starting and maintaining water and sanitation projects around the developing world, and her work within Rotary International as the Area of Focus Manager for Water & Sanitation.

The key reason for failure of many large WASH programs is that there is no provision for post-completion financing. In the past, many programs did not factor in ongoing costs or did not train to build capacity of the local community members. Without financial planning, the system can fall into disrepair or disuse. To prevent this result, the Rotary Foundation requires financials plans to explain the funding mechanism to cover costs of repairs and replacement of parts. We are looking to see what the community will contribute and how repairs will be made; and how and who will pay for those repairs.

AVFCW has worked in tandem with Rotary Clubs both local and international during our efforts to train others to implement their water and sanitation projects throughout the world. This interview gives good insight into the challenges Rotary International members and AVFCW volunteers face when doing so.

Read more on the WASRAG website.

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