Newsletter – Spring 2019

AVFCW Workshop Photo

Although a fierce winter storm is currently hitting the Midwest, we’ve gone ahead and preemptively released the Spring 2019 edition of the AVFCW newsletter for your perusal.

This issue highlights our upcoming workshop at the end of April, our World Water Day program held in March with the support of Laura Richardson of OHorizons, and the coinciding visit from the “Water Wagon”.

The Wagon was built in 2015 to be a filling station serving residents in the wake of the Flint water crisis. It is now being promoted for use at public events and in water emergencies.

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to the upcoming Latrine workshop on April 26-28th. We will share more about it once it has completed, along with photos and a final write-up.

Download your copy in PDF form by clicking here. (To sign up for the new e-mail version of the AVFCW newsletter just enter your email into the box below this post.)

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